PRO's Tackle Making Kit-Fly Tyers / Soft & Hard Bait Tackle Crafter

PRO's Tackle Making Kit-Fly Tyers / Soft & Hard Bait Tackle Crafter

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1 – ½ oz. PRO’s Soft~Bait Glue®

1 – 6 Pak of Extender tips for pinpoint applications

* Our Tackle Making Kit for Soft & Hard Lures can be used on and off the water

* Fly tier's can leave it open all day while tying and it will not evaporate on you because of our proprietary distillation process. [ Less Expensive in the long run compared to say the industry standard, Zap because you will use every drop provided of course you do put the cap on at end of the day. It's better than always throwing harden glue $ away. Super glue, Krazy, Gorilla, Loctite's, and the list of short life glues is endless and always snags us on their low prices... We have been told that our glue is the best glue for tying fly's and head cement that you'll ever use despite our Soft Bait glue branding name. Capillary [ rig first, Apply as rigged without moving / wicks instantly ] without the chalking with OTC brands.

So whether you're up in the bush somewhere and running out of baits that need mending, need to match the hatch, or just plain sitting at your workbench creating new looks of baits, our Kit will help you out with your fishing experiences!

Bonds all soft plastic baits to hooks, lead jig heads, and umbrella rigs within seconds and remains flexible and odorless. Keeping your soft plastic baits on your hook without slippage is key for presentations. You can mend torn soft plastic lures within seconds ( wet or dry ) and keep on fishing!

Now you can join Dacron’s and Spectra’s with Fluorocarbons, mono’s, and co-polymers without weakening any manufacturer's line [knots]. Repairs loose rod guides, cork handles, seats, rod holders, loose screws, rain suits, rubber boots, boat moldings, glasses, hard baits and bonds most anything to most anything. “ Finally, a multi-use adhesive for all fisherman that really works ” Average shelf life is 8 months when used as directed and fishermen are finally getting their monies worth.
We have over 20 years of experience in the adhesive business and are proud we are making it in the USA.

MADE in the USA.  

EST 2002