PRO's Kicker Acceelerator

PRO's Kicker Accelerator

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 2 oz. bottle

PRO's Kicker, an accelerant for PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue.  Attach soft plastic bait tail components to hard plastic swim-bait bodies whether replacing tails, fixing fins or mending torn soft plastics. Remains flexible and ready to fish within 2 minutes after repairs.  Also works very well for those broken hard plastic crank bait lips and loose wooden crank bait belly hooks.  Repair large thick-bodied soft plastic baits when used with our instructions. 

The benefits are Cures flexible and remains flexible when using Kicker and glue on soft plastic lures ( wet or dry ). NO waiting for curing. Fishing within 2 minutes while on fish after making soft plastic bait repairs, large or small.  Also may be used on other difficult to repair plastics like delrin plastic transducer hardware, polyethylene baits, polypropylene’s, fiberglass repairs, rod tip repairs, cork, PVC, abs, cracked tackle box lids, rubber, tail light lens, carpet, and much more. Note:  Using with other OTC CA adhesives may result in inferior repairs. 

MADE in the USA.  

EST 2002


* Detailed directions will be sent with your order.  Look for our Kicker video on this website soon!

Caution: Touching glue to skin coated with Kicker may cause burning sensations. Hold under cold water.
Warning: Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause irritation to the eyes and skin. Vapors may be harmful, avoid inhaling and use in an adequately ventilated area. If affected, seek fresh air immediately. If a problem persists, contact a physician. If eye contact should occur, flush thoroughly with plenty of water. Repeat several times. If skin contact occurs, wash areas with warm soapy water. If a problem persists, contact a physician. If ingested do not induce vomiting. Contains synthetic hydrocarbons.