Hey Mike,

I have a good "PRO's Soft~Bait Glue" story for you.....

Back in January of this year, I was given a couple of little soft plastic bluegill pattern lures (not in full production yet) which looked awesome! I just knew I would stick some hogs on them. These do not have hooks, so I rigged them on a stand-up jig head using "PRO's Soft~Bait Glue" to keep them from sliding down on the hook.

Well, sure enough, I did very well on these two lures. In fact, by the last day of my vacation on April 10th, I had already caught about a dozen largemouths between the two, including a 12.4 pounder.

So now it comes down to the final day of my vacation......I'm telling you, my poor little bluegill was literally shredded, but still going. Remember, these lures were not available yet, but were working so well for me, I just had to keep throwing them.

I'm telling you straight up.....without "PRO's Soft~Bait Glue" I would not have been able to use the last worn-out lure that caught me the biggest bass of my life!

On the last day of my vacation, at 2 pm, it happened! Here is the whole story, plus photos that are also posted @: http://www.trophybassonly.com/id154.htm

Thanks 10 million times over!

What more can I say?


Fish Chris (www.trophybassonly.com)



Good morning Mr. Rice.

Steven Flint chiming in. I'm the Steven Flint of Riversmallies.com, Beyond The Banks Guide Service, Adirondack-Champlain Guide Service, Ontario's Waterfalls Lodge, Case Lures, and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Licensed Guide #3677.

Just wanted to take a moment and tell you what a great product I think you have in the Pro Soft Bait Glue. In May, alone, of any given year I guide anglers to an average of 1200 smallmouths that month, bass ranging from 2.75 pounds to 6.25 pounds. These ornery, northern bass certainly do a number on the various, plastic, finesse baits that we utilize. Thank goodness for your product. It saves me valuable time and money when on the water 9 hours a day, 6 days a week......sometimes 7 days a week.

Knowledgeable of the brutal demands that I put on tackle and lures each season, a dear friend sent me a bottle of your glue this past summer. I really put your glue to the test from late September through late October on what many anglers concur is some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the country - Lake Champlain - and the primary tributaries of the mighty St. Lawrence River. Whether it is a swift repair of tubes or worms, or simply securing these baits better to light jigheads, your product helps keep me in the game.

I also utilize rather large, boot-tail, Sassy-shad type baits for large northern pike and muskies. Your glue does a heck of a job with the repair of these oft obliterated and expensive baits.

You can trust that I share the effectiveness of your product with my clients, guests and friends. Well, maybe not ALL of my fishing buddies. Man's got to know his limitations, eh?!

Take good care & thanks again for a fine product.

Steven Flint

Beyond The Banks Guide Service

Au Sable Forks-Adirondack Park, New York.



Tried your PRO's Soft~Bait glue for a month now and at first, I thought it was like Crazy glue. Not so, this glue doesn't harden like a piece of rock. It holds my grub trailer on and doesn't harden the plastic around the spot on the hook where it was applied, and it holds the trailer on with only one drop on the end of the trailer just like you said. No need to apply on both ends now. And it dries fast, even when the plastic is wet.

It also has a long shelf life, I never had a fast-drying glue that lasted this long once it was opened, and I never have finished a tube of superglue or crazy glue. At least half of it dried up or clogged so bad that I would throw it away. Also, I've been fixing my torn grub trailers with PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue. I like the way it stays elastic when dried and it will stretch with the plastic instead of breaking off unlike other glues at the repaired area. I've also been experimenting with changing the tails on worms when I want a different style or color, like adding a chartreuse tail to an all black worm for off color water conditions.

Your glue is cheaper in the long run because you can actually use the whole bottle without it drying up like the others. I'll definitely be using it for other applications as well.

Great fishing glue!!...........Buzz T.

from riversmallies.com

George Taylor

Homestead Construction Co.




After working my shift for the VA Game Dept. at the Expo Sport Show in Fishersville, VA, I stopped by an exhibit booth and watched a fishing glue demo. Mike Rice was gluing all types of worms, a fluke, Senko, Mad Toms, PVC vinyl tape, O rings, and it held with incredible strength and NOT brittle, either. I have tried several of the mending irons on plastic worms, but they aren't very effective. This glue not only puts them back together it really does hold them in place for a better presentation. I used the glue at Gaston on Senkos and Needleworms. It really kept the bait in place and fixed worms when they were torn. Mike Rice of PRO's Soft~Bait Glue has given me an edge on anyone that DOES NOT use this glue. I am glad this one works and it is guaranteed NOT to dry out for 1 year! It makes it all worth the purchase.

Mike, please feel free to share this written information with your viewers, especially with the price of plastic baits today.


Kenny Sexton (Sml Jaws)

Hot Springs, VA

VA Game Dept.




I received your glue and have already been playing around with various modifications to some of my plastic lures. I've changed tail colors on Case Mad Toms and Zoom Super Flukes. I've cut light and dark Senkos in half and then glued the opposing halves together for a totally new look! I even took several tubes and cut them in half and was able to glue different colors together for some wild combinations. My wife said it looked like I was performing surgery and she proceeded to blot my forehead with a towel!

I am most impressed with the way the glue bonds in a matter of seconds! Once the plastic is glued, it won't come apart! Your glue will certainly allow me to get more mileage out of many plastic lures that would otherwise have to be discarded. I will always have a bottle of the glue with me while I'm fishing...period!

You have a great product, Mike, and it really does work as claimed!

Best Regards,

Brian King

Founder/Webmaster - River Smallies.com

Pro Staff - Case Plastics




I recently met Mike Rice of PRO's Soft~Bait Glue at an outdoor show. Mike asked me to tear a soft plastic bait apart. He put one drop of glue on the bait and I pushed the torn pieces back together and to my amazement, the plastic was immediately repaired. I even started pulling both ends of the plastic, but the newly glued plastic held together. In fact, the plastic would tear above and below the just glued section. That, in itself, was impressive......but, watching Mike tear a Yamamoto Senko apart and then repair it with a drop of glue.....now that really sold me!

The great part is, it will now allow me to repair my plastics while on the water. I don't have the time to gather up all my torn plastics, after a day of fishing, and then try to repair them by the various "heating" techniques.

Pro's Soft-Bait Glue allows me a very fast and efficient means to repair all my fishing plastics.

Thank you, Mike, for a phenomenal product that WORKS!!

Marc Hutchison

Co-Founder/Staff, RiverSmallies.com (www.riversmallies.com)

Pro Staff Member, Case Plastics (www.madtoms.com)




Since meeting you at the show, I have glued some more of our soft plastics and really like the adhesive. I will be running jig heads on Monday, and am excited to see how it works on our molded eye application! Thank you for turning us to this glue.

Thank you,

Ben Thomas-President

Rhino Lures, Inc.


Hello, Mike!

I started fly fishing about 30 years ago and soon after decided I wanted to tie my own flies. Fly tying started as a hobby. In the early years I was fortunate to have Bob Clouser Sr as a master tier who taught me the art of fly tying and only lives a few miles from my home. As far as your PRO'S Soft~Bait Glue, I am greatly impressed by the product and give it "Five Stars" It is everything I need for my fly tying business. It is the perfect bonding agent for fly tying. It will help in any fishing situation. Thank you for introducing me to the product. I will tell my fishing friends and business associates about it.

If I can be any further help please contact me.

Jim Baumbach

Purveyor of Fly Patterns

*Trout to Tarpon

*Bass to Barracuda