Glue Uses

Repair Soft Plastics

These photos show how you can repair damaged Senko's or modify new ones. These Senko's have been cut and then repaired using the glue. Despite the high salt content of the plastic, PRO's Soft~Bait Glue holds firmly. In fact, if you pull hard enough you will probably tear the Senko at some point other than where it has been glued. Give the bass something different to look at by mixing colors and don't forget to add a small drop of glue to the hook. Get more mileage out of your Senko's!

soft plastic glue repairsoft plastic glue repair

Walleye Jig and Worm

Why start the tearing process with piercing hooks through those crawler rigs? You will get more life-like action, too, if the hooks are glued to the outside of soft~baits. Just hold the hooks against the worm facing you and put 1 small drop and spread it along shank and hold for 20 seconds or less. (Do this with hooks in place.) Not the right color today? Take a knife and cut worm behind hook shanks to remove and just glue another soft bait color on.

Grub is light as a feather with its new tail. Take a pen and push a hole in tail end of the grub, insert feather, hold bait vertical, one small drop of glue. It ain't coming out folks!

walleye jig and worm glue repair


Lost your skirt? Carry a variety of feather colors from your local fly fishing shop in a Zip-loc. Just glue a small piece of skirting on the hook first, then, hold feathers in place while placing one drop of glue where rubber skirt piece and the feather meet. (Some feathers can be glued directly.) More life-like action, less cost, better presentation= MORE strikes!

spinnerbait glue repair

Modified Tube

Tube with a Gotcha Grub tail. Greasy, slimy, scented, and oily coatings are no match for PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue to bond all plastic baits in place regardless of the application. Insert cut-off tail in rear of the tube, hold bait vertically and place 1 small drop while the inserted tail is in place. The tail is now like a molded part of the tube. Next, place one small drop on the line or hook entering the head of tube bait to keep it from sliding down the hook or running up our lines as is the case when catching a fish. Even if the eye of the hook is inside the tube, PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue will still bond to the metal and soft plastic tube.

tube bait glue repair

Grub and Worm

Here we have a Rhino Baits ribbed grub with a split-tail and an Edge Baits worm with a fluke-style tail. PRO's Soft~Bait Glue lets you change the tails on your plastics quickly and easily.

grub and worm glue repair

Tube Baits

This photo shows a curly-tail worm made from different plastics. PRO's Soft Bait Glue allows you to change the head, tail, or anything in between. You can add a section of color to a dark-colored plastic lure and entice strikes.

Toughen Up Your Tubes! One of the common complaints when fishing tubes is the tearing that starts at the head of the tube and where the hook exits the tube. If fishing fast current, your tubes get more friction from the water and consequently tear easier. With PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® you can add a solid grub head to your hollow tubes and then add a small drop of glue to reinforce it to your hook for much more strength, cast after cast instead of constantly fixing and re-rigging all the time. That one drop of glue will also keep the bait from running up your line as it does once you've hooked a fish.

tube glue repair with pros soft bait glue

Various Plastic Worms

This photo shows how you can modify worms and similar plastics. Note how you can add color and change the style of a tail on a particular lure. You can give a straight worm a forked or curly tail. Once the sections are glued together they are NOT going to come apart!

soft plastic worm repair with pros soft bait glue

Senko Worm Glued to a Hook

Yamamoto Senko's and other soft baits can be glued to the underside of an offset worm hook or wide gap hook depending on your preference. This rig is much stronger reinforced with PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® and gives the bait a more weed-less configuration however you're fishing.  Think about the fact that no hooks are piercing the soft plastic baits so tearing will be less frequent and this rig will have more strength when glued directly to the hook for casting in heavy cover encounters.  Wacky rigged and nose hooked rigs can also be reinforced to last longer with one small drop where soft plastics, hooks, and lines touch each other. Just a small drop of glue topically on your rigged baits will hold them there like magic. Plastics won't slide down the hook if you miss a strike now.

senko worm glued to a hook with pros soft bait glue

Swim Baits

This is another example of how the glue can be used with swim baits. In this case, an Osprey Lure has been cut and then repaired with the glue. The glue passes the final stretch test with flying colors.

swimbait glue repair with pros soft bait glue swimbait glue repair with pros soft bait glue

Storm Wild Eye'z

Nothing like a day catching an abundance of Stripers, Walleyes, Bass and Muskies on the newest and Hottest soft plastic baits on the market is there? Trouble is, they just don't hold together as they should once you catch a big fish on them, do they? After enjoying the fight for a few minutes with all that shaking of heads and leaping all over the place you catch and release only to find your swimbait is obliterated. After your ripped baits are on the floor of the boat and no more baits left, you're destined to call it a day. Don't worry if you have some PRO's Soft~Bait Glue on board because you can fix these soft plastic swimbaits in mere seconds and be fishing again in minutes. We've fixed them time and time again and saved lots of money while fishing for monster Stripers in the Chesapeake Bay. And you can too!

swimbait repair with pros soft bait glue swimbait repair with pros soft bait glue