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Q: Is PRO's Soft~Bait Glue just relabeled Super-type, Krazy-type, and Insta type cyanoacrylate glues that will just dry up on me after 2 to 4 uses?

A: NO. Please, do not confuse us with some of the less expensive over-the-counter brands of glue that does not bond, dry brittle, hard and crusty, and dry up quickly after opening. Not all glues are alike and work on everything. Ours is just one of the hundreds of Cyanoacrylate formulations just as Johnny Walker Red is a different brew than Johnny Walker, isn't it? I have demonstrated my glue at Sportman's shows and have kept the bottle open for 3-4 days for 8-10 hours at a time without drying out in the tip or bottle. With PRO's Soft~Bait Glue, just 1 small drop is all you need for repairs on baits and other things, keeping it economical for you. Occasionally, you will as I do, have to peel excess glue off the tip. This is normal with all CA (cyanoacrylate) adhesives.

Tech Answer: Our proprietary formula uses no fillers or drying agents. We guarantee it for an average of 8 months from the date of purchase and opening. You will extend the shelf life if stored as our directions suggest and have many fishermen use it over 1 year.

Remarkable as this may sound for a CA, yes it's a great Multi-Use adhesive for all fishermen for their tacklebox. We are the original Soft Bait Glue developed and trademarked since 2002.

Q: Mike, how do you know so much about adhesives?

A: We've been in business since 2002. We make other adhesives for other industries but our 1st love as a fisherman has always been the development of glue for fishermen to make their fishing more enjoyable and fun.

 Q: How can I justify purchasing your 1/2 oz of glue for $10.29 compared, to say, Insta type-glues or others that I use all the time? And what are some of the other applications for your glue?

A: Suppose you use a lot of glue fishing, and purchase quasi-Super type glues and other over-the-counter glues and purchase, say, 6 or more bottles a year for fishing. The average price of an over-the-counter 1/2 - 3/4 oz. bottle of glue in retail stores [ 2021 ] is $4.89 per tube. 6 - bottles/glue x $4.29 = $29.34. $19.05 cents more than our price for our 1 bottle purchase. Even when it gets on into 8 months or more period and gets a little slow to come out the tube, it still works just takes a little longer. Our Kicker accelerant will help you better at this point to enhance the bond. NOTE: The fact is, most people purchase our products to keep the soft plastic lures on their hooks. Our adhesive works for this in a wicking action. Rig, apply glue as rigged [ without adjusting baits as you are used to ]. Place one smidgen of glue as rigged on a plastic jig to lead and in a couple of seconds [ wicks in ], you'll be fishing and soft plastics won't end up at the hook point. Won't get your fingers in the way since it wicks in like putting water on a sponge. As fast as I'm typing this you can cast and be fishing now without waiting for a cure time like other brands that are only good for plastic mending.

* Other uses: Here are some other repairs you can do with PRO's Soft~Bait Glue. Glue English Felts on waders. Save at least $5.00 on felt shoe glue. Having a great day fishing and ran out of baits and glued the saved ripped up Yamamoto Senko's or Z-mans between you and your buddy. Savings of $7.99 on 1 Bag of Senko's. Fixed ripped-up sneaker sole. Sneaker Goo is $5.50. Glued the cork handle and fixed a guide ferrule on your Fenwick spinning 7' rod worth $169.00. Repaired a boat Trailer tail light lens. Add up these savings. All repairs from (1) 1/2oz. still a liquid bottle of PRO's Soft~Bait Glue. Are you using glue that is capable of repairing all of these various items and more?

Q: What happens if I am fishing and my fingers get glued together? How do I get them apart?

A: Carry fingernail polish remover with you on your outings. Treat this glue, like other cyanoacrylates. Sooner or later you'll get something stuck together.


Q: I must be doing something wrong as my tip has clogged and I can't free it up. Can you tell me what to do?

A: Most times we are touching the nozzles on our baits or items we are gluing. Try to let the glue drop to the surfaces you are gluing and you will eliminate the clogging. This works for me. When you see the droplet about to drop from the nozzle, just barely touch the surface with a droplet of say, a plastic worm, and it's usually plenty to bond what you're doing and keeps your tip from getting debris on it.
The nozzle tip has picked up some particles, even oils from the baits which our glue is trying to adhere to and it's collecting around the nozzle tip. This is common with all adhesives because the glue is just trying to perform as it should and glue things together. Needle noses can strip off any unwanted glue off your tip and putting a bit of Blistex will help to keep threads free.

Unclogging: unscrewing our glue nozzle cap and soaking in acetone overnight will unclog them easily. Make sure that the nozzle is 100% free of any glue and dry before replacing the bottle or you will reinvent another clog. If afield and you clog your nozzle, unscrew the nozzle from the bottle and push a paper clip through the nozzle tip from the inside to the outside. You have pushed the problem out of the nozzle instead of pushing it back in the bottle as we do when inserting something inward. Most of the time you will have a clog-free operation if you just don't touch the nozzle with anything other than an occasional peeling off of glue build-up on the exterior of the nozzle. If you do need another nozzle, please call our office to order one.

Q: What is the life expectancy of your glue if I keep it in cool locations, dry when not using it?  

A: Over 1 year providing you do not expose PRO's Glue to HOT temperatures and direct sunlight for days and days and leave it open in humid conditions for hours and hours. Any adhesive will suffer degradation under these conditions. Over 1 year is a safe answer since everyone has different applications and conditions they will use PRO's Soft~Bait Glue on. I will say this, you will smile every time you go back for it and it's ready to use and not hardened.



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