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Mike DelVisco ~ Captain Owen Langridge ~ Marc Hutchison
Al Pugh ~ Ron Colby ~ Karl Bunch ~ Stan Zakorchemny
~ Scott Favors

-Mike DelVisco
Mike DelVisco Mike started fishing at a very early age and soon caught the bass fishing bug. He competed in his first B.A.S.S tournament at the age of 17, now 39 DelVisco has been a full time professional bass angler for the last 15 years. He is the past East Coast point leader on the Grand National circuit with his best B.A.S.S finish being in the top 20’s. Over the last 20 years Mike has fished and competed all over the country on many lakes in every imaginable condition and brings a wealth of knowledge to the ~ PRO'S Soft~Bait Glue® ~ team.

Mike has also worked to create a very unique series of industry acclaimed multi-media fishing seminars called Bass Bytes. These high-energy seminars feature digital video, computer animation and illustrations that play on a huge background screen as Mike narrates his popular bass fishing seminars. These seminars were designed to give the audience a closer more interactive look at the topics discussed and were a huge hit during the 2003 season. Among the topics discussed are “Seasonal Patterns for Bass”, “Understanding Sonar”, “Sonar Part two - Deep Water Techniques” and “Tackle Selection”. Each seminar features video, animation and a high- energy introduction video sure to entertain and educate all who attend.

One thing that is immediate when viewing Mike’s seminars is the depth of detail that is explained in each presentation. Because the presentations combine on the water and underwater video images along with highly detailed moving computer animations Mike has the ability to explain techniques and show things that you just can’t do with a ordinary slide show. “Bass fishing has become very detailed, with increasingly specialized presentation methods and techniques. DelVisco's seminars place his audience right in the boat with him, or even underwater with the baits he's using. By going hi-tech, combining audio, video, and computer generated graphics, he's made seminars exciting!”

These seminars have also spawned off several other exciting projects in the works including an instructional DVD on sonar, introductory bass fishing book and Bass Bytes video vignette television.

Mike lives near the Delaware River in a secluded setting in NY. He can be reached at Mjdelvisco@aol.com.

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-Captain Owen Langridge
Captain Owen Langridge Capt. Owen’s mother knew she was raising a fisherman when at the age of two he would sit for hours and “fish” in her washtub with a cork attached to a broomstick with kite string. He caught his first bass at the age of five and by eight he was supplying his family with fish every Friday night. He continued to fish every chance he got through grade school, high school, and college. After graduating from LSU in Baton Rouge, he moved to Huntsville, Alabama and started a career in industry as an Industrial Engineer with Chrysler, Corp. Weekends found Owen fishing and winning local bass tournaments in north Alabama. He became a charter member of The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. Owen excelled in catching large bass and this became his passion.

In the early 70’s he moved back to the Baton Rouge area and accepted a position as plant manager of a large foundry. The responsibilities of his job and long working hours for the next 28 years slowed down his pursuit of fish but never put out the fire. Weekends would find Owen at his camp at a local oxbow lake off the Mississippi River wit his wife and two children. After winning several bass tournaments, he had to paint his boat to disguise it so that other local fishermen would not follow him around the lake to locate his favorite spots. At one time there was a picture of Owen published in the local Baton Rouge newspaper with a stringer of seven bass that weighted over forty pounds. This picture caused one of his fishing buddies to state that, “Owen is the only man I know that can actually think like a fish.” Besides fishing, Owen would hand-make plastic jigs and worms. He also became quite good at hand-carving wood crank baits and top water plugs.

When Owen reached forty, one of his foremen took him saltwater fishing in the marshes of south Louisiana. This became his new frontier and speckled trout and redfish replaced the bass he had concentrated on for so many years. During the next fifteen years Owen spent every spare moment in the saltwater marsh fishing from the east to the west coast of Louisiana. He eventually fell in love with the Lower Mississippi Delta region below Venice, Louisiana. This is a massive expanse of ever changing waterways controlled by the mighty Mississippi and is one of the largest estuaries in the world. Owen states that, “This is the only area in the world where speckled trout, redfish, large-mouth bass, and freshwater catfish can all be caught in the same area on the same fishing rip. This area is so massive and unique that I learn something new on every trip and I’ve been doing this for fifteen years.”

At age fifty-five, Owen retired from industry and got his U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license. He has been actively guiding in the Mississippi River Delta and saltwater bays for the last three years. He live part time at his camp in Venice, Louisiana and part time at his home in Denham Springs, LA with his wife of thirty-six years.

The Louisiana Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association regularly invites Capt. Owen to be a guest speaker at their meeting and banquets. His speaking abilities and fishing expertise are always in demand. The local schools also use the captain to speak to their students on all facets of outdoor activities. Capt. Owen works closely with members of the LDWL&F on the fishing conditions of specks and reds in the delta area.

Capt. Owen became acquainted with Pro Soft Bait Glue while speaking with a fellow charter captain at the Sportsman Show at the Louisiana Super Dome. He said, “I tried every brand of super glue and krazy glue on the market. None of them worked until I tried Pro Soft Bait Glue.”

When Capt. Owen is not guiding he is still fishing. His favorite fishing buddy is Brian, his son who is a pilot for the Air Force. His daughter, Shawn, has given him two grandsons and he is looking forward to the day he can introduce these two young boys to his favorite pastime, fishing.

Capt. Owen, known by his friends as Big "O", can be reached at bigocharters@aol.com.

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-Marc Hutchison
Marc Hutchison Marc Hutchison was born and raised in West Virginia. He attended Marshall University where he was active in several organizations. Marc earned his BA degree in Criminal Justice and then entered the Air Force. He received numerous honors and medals while in the service. Marc spent the majority of his Air Force career in Germany where he worked as a Security Policeman. After leaving the military, Marc returned to southern WV where he worked for the federal government for several years.

Marc is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, and reloading. River and stream fishing for smallmouth bass is a passion for Marc, but he is a multi-species angler who regularly fishes for bass, muskies, walleyes, and trout. He has caught several citation fish of each species. Marc makes many of his own lures for enticing these fish. Soft plastics are also a big part of Marc's fishing arsenal and when he first saw Mike Rice demonstrate PRO's Soft~Bait Glue, Marc knew it was something he could use. Marc is always willing to try new products that could help improve his fishing, but he only continues to use those items that he considers to be quality.

Marc is co-founder of the web site River Smallies.com and a member of the Pro Staff for Case Plastics. He spends much of his time promoting catch and release, conservation, and introducing others to the world of fishing. Marc is very enthusiastic and especially enjoys sharing his passion for river smallmouth fishing with others.

Marc lives in western WV with his wife, Stephanie, and their two children. Marc can be reached at riverwarrior4570@hotmail.com.

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-Al Pugh
Al Pugh Al Pugh grew up on the Greenbrier River and learned to be part of the outdoors from his father, who he calls Pappy when he writes. He says Pappy never took a poor shot, never kept a fish they didn't need, and always wanted the other person to "have the best show." After high school, Al married his high school sweetheart. Two sons and a Navy submarine career later, they are still looking forward together. Both sons love the outdoors and hunt and fish whenever the opportunity occurs. Al's home is in Newport News, VA but he works for a defense contractor in engineering management in the Washington, DC area, which gives him a wider scope of rivers to fish. He hunts and fishes whenever he can and loves to introduce others to these pursuits.

Al did his first writing for RiverSmallies.com and Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits' Inside Line Magazine, and he still cherishes those associations. Additionally, he is associated with Case plastics and Cabin Fever Tackle, and most recently, he has joined the PRO's Soft~Bait Glue Pro Staff with Mike Rice's Innovative Promotions, LLC. It has been some time since Al fished any sort of tournament tour, but his fishing experience dates to 1959. Al feels that becoming a "pro" in this way gives him the freedom and the responsibility to choose his associations carefully. He believes he has done just that.

He primarily fishes rivers for smallmouth bass, and his most likely lure is plastic (Senkos, tubes, Hula Grubs, Case Mad Toms, etc), followed closely by hair jigs, small silicone jigs, and selected hard and wire baits. He throws buzz baits, spinner baits, and he throws Yamamoto plastics primarily, backed up by Charlie Case's creations among others. Because of his schedule, he may be found on any of the mid-Atlantic rivers, from the Susquehanna south to the New, and inland to the Greenbrier and New in WV. Since Al describes himself as a "jack of all trades" on the river and since his grandfather 7 generations back ran a ferry on the Greenbrier and was called "River Jack," Al has taken the email address AlRiverJackPugh@aol.com. He tries to respond to all serious inquiries, but asks that correspondents allow him time to reply.

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- Ron Colby - Profile coming soon


-Team Glue
Karl Bunch & Stan Zakorchemny

-Karl Bunch
Karl grew up in Suffolk, VA. fishing the Suffolk Lakes with his (Grandfather) Ervin C. Wilkins and (Uncle) Jimmy Wilkins. His favorite lakes are Kilby and Cahoon. He went into the US Army from high school and spent most of his 10-1/2 years in the military in Europe approximately 6 1/2 years. He was Honorably Discharged from the military in 1990, and now lives in Aberdeen, Maryland. He started fishing competitively in 1999.

-Stan Zakorchemny
Stan started fishing at the early age of 6 years old, as a native of PA. He started trout fishing in a creek down the street from his house. In the 1980s he fished in the Delaware Federation. In 1999 he moved to Maryland and joined the Bassin Bunch Bass Club and met Karl Bunch.

Karl Bunch & Stan Zakorchemny-Karl & Stan ~ TEAM GLUE!
Karl & Stan started fishing competitive team tournaments together in 2003 and meet Mike Rice of PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue in early 2003 they immediately took notice of the product and it's value to the fisherman whether you are a tournament or a fun fisherman. And became known as Team Glue. They primarily fish the Anglers Choice Tournament Trail (DEL MAR VA) and finished 9th place in points for the year in the DEL MAR VA division and qualified for the Anglers Choice Northern Regional Classic in 2003.

Karl & Stan can be reached by email at kwbunch@comcast.net or http://www.karlsbassinadventures.com/ezsites/karlsbassinadventures_main.asp


Scott Favors

Scott Favors began fishing in the lakes and rivers of his native Indiana at age 5, and by age 9, he held a lake record for red-eared sunfish at 1 lb, 12 oz. He became a United States Marine after graduation from high school and Boot Camp, and today, GySgt Favors is stationed at Quantico, VA. He and his wife have a five year-old son and a three year-old daughter.

Scott's experience extends from finesse fishing California's deep, clear lakes, where Scott qualified for the National Tournament with Military Bass Anglers Association four years in a row, through more standard pitching and chuck-and-drag fishing on the TVA chain, which he fished in what little spare time an assignment as a Marine Recruiter provided, to his current local haunts of Lake Anna, a power plant lake; the Potomac River, possibly the largest tidal bass fishery east of the Mississippi; and various small, sometimes private impoundments in northern VA (which the rest of the Pro Staff is drooling over). Plastic baits were and are Scott's go-to in each of these places, "I like to use a lot of really soft plastic baits, like the hand pours you find in Southern California and Yamamoto's Baits, and being able to use them for more then one fish makes a huge difference. That's where PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue® really is worth its weight in gold" (Editor's Note: As a matter of fact, Scott has recorded 34 largemouth bass on one re-glued and re-glued Senko, QUITE an achievement).

Scott fishes the American Bass Anglers tour and is considering a move up to the BFL tour when he believes the time is right. His widely varied experience base should make him a force to be reckoned with. Scott is also sponsored by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, and there are other sponsorships pending. Knowing that Scott only agrees to represent products that he first believes in himself, PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue® is proud he's with us.



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