Bait-Lure Modifications

Mixed trailers

This photo shows a curly-tail worm made from different plastics. PRO's Soft Bait Glue allows you to change the head, tail, or anything in between. You can add a section of color to a dark colored plastic lure and entice strikes.

 Toughen Up Your Tubes!  One of the common complaints when fishing tubes it the tearing that starts at the head of the tube and where the hook exits the tube.  If fishing fast current, your tubes get more friction from the water and consequently tear easier.  With PRO's Soft~Bait GlueŽ you can add a solid grub head to your hollow tubes and then add a small drop of glue to reinforce it to your hook for much more strength cast after cast then constantly fixing and re-rigging all the time.  that one drop of glue will also keep the bait from running up your line as it does once you've hooked a fish.

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