Bait-Lure Modifications

2-color worm

Yamamoto Senko's and other soft baits can be glued to the underside of an offset worm hook or wide gap hooks depending on your preference.  This rig is  much stronger reinforced with PRO's Soft~Bait GlueŽ and gives the bait a more weed-less configuration however you're fishing.   Think about the fact that no hooks are piercing the soft plastic baits so tearing will be less frequent and this rig will have more strength when glued directly to the hook for casting in heavy cover encounters.   Wacky rigged and nose hooked rigs can also be reinforced to last longer with one small drop where soft~plastics, hooks and lines touch each other. Just a small drop of glue topically on your as rigged baits will hold them there like magic.  Plastics won't slide down the hook if you miss a strike now.

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