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PRO's Soft~Bait Glue ®
By Bill Hall, Chesapeake Angler Magazine
April 2004

Okay, almost all of us have been there. You've stumbled upon that school of speckled trout or rockfish or whatever and for that brief moment in time when the all of the stars are in perfect alignment and you happen to be in the right place at the right time with the right bait and then it happens…your last rubber bait in the only size and color that is producing is mangled and stretched to the point where it will not stay tight against the jig head. You're left with the floor of your boat covered with damaged rubber bait bodies and despite a frantic search, there just is not usable bait left in the bunch and your day is over.

Well, there's now a product that is a must-have, which should be included in almost every angler's tackle box. It is called PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® and it is one product that I must admit, which is every bit as good as advertised.

You can actually take a soft plastic bait and pull it apart, quickly glue it back together and pull on it again and it will tear along another place in the bait before the glue bond breaks! I don't know how it works, I only know that it works and it works fast. In just four or five seconds, the glue forms a secure bond and the repaired bait works every bit as good as if you just pulled it out of the package. You can actually repair a soft-bodied artificial bait that is hanging on your line quicker than replacing it with a new bait.

Use PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue® to secure rubber baits to the shanks of a jig head, bare hook, or rubber shads to umbrella rigs. You can even customize your own baits by combining body shapes with tails from different manufacturers or creating your own custom color combinations by gluing tails of one color to the bodies of a another color. This product works on all of the bodies that I have tried, including Storms, Chesapeake Lures, Mr. Wiffles, Kaylins, Mister Twisters, Ospreys even the new Berkley Gulp (scented) Baits that I predict will become the bait material of choice this season.

This product has lots of pertinent applications for the fisherman and boater, in addition to just repairing and securing rubber baits. You can use Pro's Soft~Bait Glue® to replace broken rod guide inserts or any other use that requires a fast drying, durable, waterproof adhesive, sort of a single product emergency repair kit! I even used it to repair the broken watch band on my diver's watch, which I'm still wearing. Place a drop of this glue on a knot connection in your line and fish with confidence that the knot will not pull out, this stuff is perfect for securing connections between mono and super braid lines or on wind-on leaders that are gaining popularity in offshore use.

One word of advice, as with any glue, this product does not differentiate between its intended target and your fingers. After my first experience, I had several coats of glue layered on the tips of my index finger and thumb. I can only imagine what my hands would have looked like if I were in a three-foot sea! Use PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® sparingly, one drop is more than enough for most applications.

At a suggested retail price of $9.99 for a one ounce bottle, PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® costs less than two packages of decent soft rubber bait bodies. In addition, each bottle has an unheard of one full year guarantee against not sticking or drying out (under normal use). PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® is available at most of the better local tackle shops or order online at For more information on this product, contact Innovation Promotions, PRO's Soft~Bait Glue®, PO Box 1401, Ashland, VA 23005 or call (804) 798-5225 local or Toll FREE - 1-888-433-3644.

Written permission by Chesapeake Angler Magazine of Virginia

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