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PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® Joins Roland Martin Productions for 2005
Ashland, VA (Nov - 3, 2004):

Mike Rice, founder and President of Innovative Promotions, the maker of PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue®, and the creator of the glue, today announced a sponsorship/endorsement relationship with Roland Martin Productions for 2005. Martin will endorse the industry-leading fishing glue in his appearances, including his Fishing With Roland Martin television show, a venue that spans more than three decades. He has used the glue for some time "behind the scenes" and has become very satisfied with its performance.

Rice expects the "seeing is believing" aspect of watching the glue being used on the show to not only boost sales, but to be a learning opportunity that will make anglers at all levels feel more "at home" with the product. He calls this relationship a "win-win for all fishermen, from beginners to Pros." Rice's PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® is a unique glue that actually repairs soft plastic baits while fishing, in just a few seconds, to an incredible like-new feel, leaving no odor. It is great for use on knots, rubber, cork, and guide eyes. Rice notes that one of the most important uses is to keep the angler's bait in place on the hook "like a magnet."

PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® has established a core group of loyal followers in the mid-atlantic region and among western anglers. User feedback indicates that where this glue is concerned, familiarity breeds satisfaction and it is quickly added to tackle arsenals as anglers learn about it.

Mike Delvisco, Professional Angler, BassMaster University instructor, and PRO's Soft~Bait Glue's® Pro Staff member calls the glue "a truly unique product that gives me the edge."

Al Pugh, another Pro Staff member, is a writer, and a stubborn traditionalist. He added, "Don't fix it if it ain't broke is a way of life for me, but PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® just became a new tradition. I don't go to the water without it in my tackle and I don't spend a winter or weekend planning a trip without it on my workbench!"

"Our partnership with Roland Martin Productions is like a made-to-order pizza; it's just what everybody wants," says Rice. "Roland uses glue every time he fishes and has long awaited for a product that lives up to it's name, doesn't dry up in the bottle, has a guarantee, and actually gives the sportsmen his money's worth." Rice revels in the idea that creating PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue® will help millions of fishermen fish with more success, whatever species they're fishing for. In addition to the uses mentioned above, the rising costs of soft plastic fishing baits makes repairing them a very attractive and common sense option. Rice's glue does that without the drawbacks of hard glue junctions and ruined glue containers that plagued the effort in the past. This should enable anglers to save hundreds of dollars per year, and that excites Mike Rice. Roland will definitely enable us to reach our target audience," Rice said. "PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® is a key element of any angler's ability to maximize fishing performance on the water."

For more information about PRO's Soft~Bait Glue®, visit or call (888)- 433-3644.

Source: Innovative Promotions / (11/03/2004)

Visit Roland Martins website @  

Mike's Glue Tip of the Year!

You can stop the re-rigging of your soft plastics that slide down your hooks all the time whether they'd be, Senko's, the NEW Yamamoto Kreature baits, zoom baits, swim baits or others by adding a smidgen of our glue before you start fishing.  With PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue, there is no need to move baits down, apply glue and move the baits back in to place.  Hold your bait vertically and just place 1 very small drop of PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue on the line where it enters the soft~baits and that will do the trick in about 5 seconds.  PRO's Soft~Bait fishing glue will wick in and bond plastic baits to all fishing lines, metal, titanium, and stainless steel hooks in seconds with baits rigged in place (apply topically). Applying topically works well with many tears also.   * When Texas rigging add another drop of our glue to the head of your baits and glue your lead or steel bullet weights in place without pegging.

A very different kind of glue application that many fishermen, tackle stores and Distributors weren't aware of and thought this tip might help out in your fishing adventures.

Best Regards & Great Fishing!

Mike Rice


PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® Joins WesternBass.Com Sponsor Group

Multiple Fishing Applications

OAKLEY, CA (July 12, 2004) — WesternBass.Com announced today the signing of PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® as a new sponsor. This product will quickly become a part of every anglers arsenal of fish catching tools.

Use PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® so that plastic baits will not slide down on hooks. Your bait stays permanently attached until new bait is applied or a fish bites it off. Repair with one drop, squeeze together for 4-5 seconds and keep fishing.

Glues lizards, worms, grubs, tubes, jerk-baits, fly's & feathers, bucktail-trailers, nylon & rubber skirts, & many others while on hooks. Also works on rod guides, rod handles, shoes, transducers, rubber bumper boat moldings, waders, upholstery, leather & leather soles, and many hard plastic baits too. PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® is great for most outdoor products and household items.

Works on ALL FRESH and SALT water baits. Dries clear, odorless, non-toxic, and cures quicker dipped in water for approximately 15 seconds. Flexible, soft, and durable without stiffness. NO brittleness like other glues even in below freezing temperatures. For those that modify their baits, rattles and weights can now be inserted and sealed effortlessly. Create your own custom lures by bonding tails, bodies, trailers, tubes and grubs from different manufacturers.

Saves money on purchasing soft plastic baits and saves time touching up torn baits while still hooked up. And all you tournament anglers, there’s no more running out of baits while fishing money tournaments. And PRO's Soft ~Bait Glue® is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

For more information visit

WesternBass.Com is a suite of web sites for bass fishing enthusiasts of all types; shore anglers, tubers, competitive tournament anglers, club anglers and non-tournament anglers all use and share the sites along with industry professionals, manufacturers and Pro Anglers. The site was originally created in 1996.

WesternBass.Com features reports, forums, classifieds, chat rooms, lake specific information, an ever expanding library, BASS WEST USA archives, partner pairings and special ‘Nutcase’ events.

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For more information, contact WesternBass.Com at (925) 679-9575 or visit

Source: (07/12/2004)

Fisherman will want to stick with a new adhesive product
December 20, 2002 1:07 am

MAYBE IT'S A LITTLE late, but I think I've found the perfect stocking-stuffer for your hunter or fisherman.

I can think of dozens of instances where a perfectly good soft plastic worm, fluke, grub or lizard was torn beyond fishable status, relegating it to the garbage. My pet peeve was being shown by some angry smallmouth that a grub I thought was firmly fastened on a lead-head jig would suddenly have to be replaced. A monstrous strike ran it up my line, which, to a soft plastic lure, must be a little like passing a kidney stone.

I'd go through a package of grubs in one afternoon on the Mohawk River in New York. Wouldn't it have been nice to instantly repair a tear or two and extend the life of one of those slithery offerings, rather than yanking it off and sticking on a new one every 15 minutes? Soft plastics, especially the really soft Senko varieties, are a constant drain on the wallet of the tournament fisherman.

Tying flies with head cement is invariably messy, and the drop size is hard to control. I have a good touch with the garden-variety head cement that all fly-tiers use, but I've experienced the pain of tying a very good fly, only to sully it with a slip-up on the glue application.

Ever had ferrules come apart while fishing? Lost a line guide on a fishing rod? Had a handle butt come loose? Had the end fletching on an arrow let go, so that the feather or plastic vane was flapping in the breeze? Lost an arrow nock? Had a crucial knot let go that lost a big fish?

We outdoorsmen are often our own worst enemies in maintaining our equipment. When you're standing waist-deep in a river with a busted who-zee-whatzit, there's a high probability that the guy who can handle the problem and get back to fishing will catch more fish than the guy driving home.

My new best buddy is Mike Rice. While showing our 9-year-old daughter, Laurel, the model train show in Central Park a couple of weekends ago, I stumbled upon a booth and a guy with no trains or train accessories for sale. He had a bunch of little tubes in front of him, and a bunch of little parts to a whole lot of little things.

The show was winding down, and he probably didn't want anybody else bothering him. But I made him go into his spiel one more time. I could tell he didn't have his heart in it, so, ever being the fisherman, I dangled the "I'm a writer" lure in front of his nose, and he bit.

I left my wife and daughter to fend for themselves while I got educated on Pro's Soft-Bait Glue and another super-quick adhesive that he had up his sleeve.

I'm not a huge fan of cyanoacrylate, better known as Super Glue. Besides being dangerous in my company, the stuff comes in itty-bitty tubes that, no matter how hard I try, just dry up into hard pieces after I use it maybe once or twice. Two-thirds of it becomes unusable. I can't think of many things I've repaired with it that actually have stood the test of time, and I keep buying the stuff and throwing away most of it.

Rice has a special formulation of cyanoacrylate, and the resulting adhesive, I must admit, is remarkable. How 3M Corporation missed the boat on this one is beyond me. I've used it for two weeks now, expertly repairing several arrows with vane damage ranging from broadhead cuts to the fletching letting go, some nicked soft plastic lures, and even a broken web strap on my climbing tree stand.

It doesn't dry hard or make a mess. In fact, every time I remove the push pin, it flows out easily, just like the first time. I am totally amazed each time I use it, because the repairs are instant, total and without mess. With the amount of glue you get for the money, I'd wager that it actually costs less in the long haul, because it really does seem that I will use every drop.

I give this stuff a big thumbs-up for outdoorsmen. I can't think of many repair kits that you could have with you on the Rappahannock this spring that could instantly seal a tear or a broken seam on your chest waders, and it actually cures faster when it hits cold water.

Tournament bass fishermen will love it, because a drop instantly fixes a torn soft plastic lure with no residual hardening at the site of the repair. A drop can fix a hook to the head of the lure, making it impossible to drive up the line. Rattles and weights can be inserted and sealed instantly.

Check out Rice's Web site at Don't have a computer? Call Rice at Innovative Promotions, 804-798-5225. Look for Rice, and Pro's Soft-Bait Glue, at this year's Bassarama in Richmond and other select Outdoor Sportsman’s Shows.

DON MINNICK can be reached at The Free Lance-Star, 616 Amelia St., Fredericksburg, Va. 22401, by fax at 373-8455 or by e-mail at

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